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Panama Grounds

In Panama, we play cricket in 8 grounds, all of which are mainly football and baseball pitches- but that is no problem for us who love ot play cricket. The 8 existing grounds are: Paraiso, Diablo, Howard, Clayton, Colon, Chitre, the football ground of the University of Panama and the Technological University of Panama Ground

Paraiso: Paraiso is the most famous ground in the history of Panamanian cricket.The first games ever played in Panama were played at Paraiso. It is a baseball ground, but is a very good place to play cricket. This ground is located near the Panama Canal and you can see the boats passing. This ground is 20 minutes drive from Panama City. The majority of the people that live in that area are descendants of the former West Indian cricketers. Every year the championship of our tournamment is played at that ground due its long history

Diablo: Cricket have been played on that ground since 1997. Diablo is a football ground, and is used by the Panamanian national football team to practice. It is 10 minutes from Panama City.

Howard: Since the year 2000, when the land of this old Air Base was transfered to Panama as part of the reversal of the Canal Zone to Panama, cricket has being played there in the old baseball grounds. Howard is located about 15 minutes west from downtown Panama City and is very near a very beautiful beach where you can go swiming after the game. To get there you have to cross the Bridge of the Americas that unites the continents and crosses over the southern entrance to the Panama Canal

Clayton: Another old army fort that was returned to Panama on the year 2000 and now its baseball and softball fields and also in the training areas that were used by the US troops when sattioned there. Clayton is about 10 minutes north of downtown Panama. It is located very near the main set of locks that ships use to cross the Panama Canal

Colon: Originally an island that was united to the mainland during the construction of the old Panama Railways, Colon is a terminal city located on the northern end of the Panama Canal and is one hour from Panama City. Cricket has being played in Colon since 1997.

Chitre: The latest addition to cricket grounds is located in this city located in the interior of Panama. Play on this field only dates from 2001 and it located 6 hours from Panama City.

University of Panama Ground: This is a football ground but with a track and field course in its surroundings, so this is an oval field. This ground is the most like a real cricket ground of those played on in our tournamment. It is in the heart of Panama City near the Social Security Hospital.

Technological University of Panama Ground: This is a new ground, mostly used for soccer but cricket can be played here also. It is located in the heart of Panama city.

Each ground is administrated by different dependencies of Panamanian govermment.

ACP, 2002