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Teams and organization of Panamanian cricket

Right now there are 15 teams playing in our league.

All the teams are based on the towns from which the players of each team come from.

The mayority of players are originally from India, except for three brothers that play in Trio C.C that are originally from Trinidad & Tobago, and some players of the Pakistani C.C that are from Pakistan.

Nowadays native Panamanians are playing in our teams, as their interest on the sport is growing and they are learning about the game .

A new organization has being created that is called "Asociacion de Cricket de Panama" under the aegis of the the INDE (In spanish "Instituto Nacional de Deportes") the National Institute of Sports, the ruling goberment body that is in charge of the organization of all sports in Panama.

We like to play our game and compete as a hobby.

List of the Teams for the "Panama Cricket Association" 2002 Tournament

1.- Deporte Hindu Club
2.- Muslim Cricket Club
3.- Bhakta Samaj Cricket Club
4.- Nawab Cricket Club
5.- Trio Cricket Club
6.- Dada Cricket Club
7.- Colon Cricket Club
8.- Bhatay Cricket Club
9.- Royal Cricket Club
10.- Ahir Cricket Club
11.- Kalakachha Cricket Club
12.- Alam I. Cricket Club
13.- Star Eleven Cricket Club
14.- Young Fighter Cricket
15.- Indian Cricket Club

ACP, 2002