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Results of 3 February 2002

Deportes Hindu A vs Royal C.C.
Royal won the toss. Elected to bat.111 runs all out 20.3 overs. Hites 22 runs,Baldev 25 runs.
Deportes Hindu A 82 runs all out, 19 overs.
Royal won the game.

Alam I.C.C. vs Young Fighters
Young Fighters won the toss. Elected to bat. 122 runs,25 over, 9 wkt. Irfantrajia 45 runs, Soyeb Patel 24 runs
Alam I.C.C. 96 runs, 25 overs, 9 wkts., Afzal 37 runs.
Young Fighters won the game

Indian C.C. A vs Ahir C.C. A
Indian C.C. won the toss. Elected to bat. 111 runs, 23 over, all out. Piyus Baktha 38 runs.
Ahir C.C. A 112 runs, 23 overs, 8 wkts.
Ahir won the game.

Dada C.C. vs Nawab B
Dada won the toss. Elected to bat. 115 runs, 25 overs, 8wkt.Ismael Dada 37 runs
Nawab 58 runs, 16 overs, all out. Mahmad Nawab 33 runs.
Dada won the game.

Bhaktasamaj C.C. vs Indian C.C. - B
Bhaktasamaj C.C won the toss. Elected to bat. 41 runs, 18.2 overs, all out.
INDIAN C.C. - B, 42 runs, 9.4 over, 3 wkt.
Indian C.C. B, won the game.

Trio Cricket Club vs Star Eleven
Star won the toss. Elected to bat. 99 runs, 23 overs, all out.
Trio CC 100 runs, 24.3 over, 8 wkt
Trio C. C. won the game.

Deporte Hindu C.C. - B vs Ahir C.C. - B
Ahir B won the toss. Elected to bat. 88 runs, 21 overs, all out.
Deporte Hindu C.C. B. 80 runs, 19 over, all out
Ahir C.C. B won the game.

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